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Official _4987 (Mr Phillips ' S Official Photo ) CROPHong Kong has long played an important role in connecting UK business with Asian markets, including Mainland China. Many UK companies have set up in Hong Kong to capture the growing opportunities in the region and leverage on Hong Kong’s fundamental strengths which include a free economy, free flow of capital, people and information, and a welcoming, competitive and international business environment.

These are exciting times in Hong Kong and Asia, as the centre of world growth continues to shift to the region. There are three broad areas where I think every business should be thinking about how they position themselves to seize the opportunities for the future. The first is the Belt and Road Initiative. Many near-term opportunities lie in infrastructure-related projects, but we are already seeing interest in sectors as wide-ranging as healthcare, education, logistics, finance, creative, and business and professional services.

The second opportunity is the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development, with an area that covers nine prosperous cities in Guangdong, plus Hong Kong and Macao, altogether with a total population of 66 million. What is most significant is all of these cities will be within around one hour travelling of each other, offering an incredibly vibrant market for companies to leverage Hong Kong's openness and strength in international connections, with the strong manufacturing base in the Greater Bay Area.

The third area is the exciting opportunities in innovation in Hong Kong, with wide-ranging government initiatives to promote Hong Kong’s innovation and technology development including infrastructure development, R&D incentives, lower profits tax, talent schemes and many more. There is a particular focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, smart city, biomedicine and FinTech.

At InvestHK, we assist you to grow your business by capturing these new opportunities. We work in close collaboration across government and with key partners. Whether you are new to Hong Kong, or a long-standing investor, get in touch with our team based in London.

We look forward to welcoming even more UK companies and entrepreneurs to this great city.


Stephen Phillips
Director-General, Invest Hong Kong


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